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Photo Courtesy of Decorative Concrete Institute.
Photo Courtesy of Decorative Concrete Institute.
About Bob Harris

Bob Harris is founder and president of the Decorative Concrete Institute in Douglasville, Georgia.

He has conducted hands-on training seminars in architectural concrete in locations around the world in addition to being a part of technical support and research and development at a large decorative concrete manufacturer for almost a decade.

In addition to sharing his expertise with others through his involvement with numerous industry associations, Harris spoke at four seminars at the 2004 World of Concrete Trade Show on topics including Acid Etch Staining and Sandblast Stencil Techniques, How to Get Started in Decorative Flatwork and Advanced Decorative Overlays.

His dream for many years was to put down onto paper the knowledge he has received from his extensive field experience and training to teach others the many techniques he has learned.
“ My hope with Bob Harris’ Guide to Stained Concrete Interior Floors is to provide contractors with an invaluable shortcut to learning, so they can be a success in building beautiful concrete floors much faster than they might have been otherwise.”

Bob Harris

Bob Harris

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